Beef and Potato Corn Gorditas

You can find corn gorditas on the menu of practically every Mexican restaurant walk into. They can be stuffed with chile colorado, beans with cheese, and just about anything else your heart desires! These taste just like the ones I ate growing up at the street festivals in Mexico. Hope you try them.

Makes 12 gorditas


4 cups corn flour

1 tbsp salt

warm water ( 2 cups more or less)

– In a large mixing bowl, combine flour and salt.  Add water, a little at a time, and begin to work the dough with your hands. The dough should be firm so you might not use all two cups of water. Knead dough and separate into 12 portions. Roll portions into balls. Place a ball between the palms of your hands and press gently. Form into a patty about half an inch thick.

– In a large frying pan, add a good amount of cooking oil, enough to cover half the patties. Heat oil and carefully place patties into pan. Flip patties after about 3-5 minutes. Flip and cook other side until slightly golden.

– Remove from oil and place on paper towels to soak extra oil. Once cooled, take a slicing knife and cut a slid on one side of the patty, but stop before you reach the other side.  In other words, make a pocket big enough for 2-3 tbsp. of filling. Set aside.


1 lb. ground beef

2 russet potatoes

1 tbsp ground black pepper

1/2 tbsp garlic salt

1 tbsp. ground cumin

salt to taste

– Peel and chop two potatoes into very small cubes. In a greased pan, cook potatoes until soft but do not crisp!

– Add ground beef to the potatoes and season with salt, pepper, cumin, and garlic salt.  Add chopped onion if desired.

– Once meat has browned, take a potato masher and smash potatoes and ground beef together until well combined.


Shredded cheese




To top off our gorditas, I made a delicious and simple to make jalapeno salsa. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

6 -8 jalapenos – Cut off stem and remove seeds

In a small frying pan, add 4-6 tbsp of cooking oil ( do not use olive oil) and fry jalapenos until soft, 5-8 minutes.

Add jalapenos and oil into blender. Add 1 tbsp. of chicken bouillon or as desired for taste. Add a small handful of fresh cilantro. Blend until smooth and creamy. Add a tablespoon of water if needed. This salsa is great too if you add 1 avocado.

11 Comments on “Beef and Potato Corn Gorditas

  1. Oh my! I’ve been looking for a recipe with the ground beef and potato filling because, like almost all the other folks who have commented on here, I’m from El Paso and I’ve been looking for (and trying) recipes that taste like those I used to get as a kid in Old Messilla at the festivals there. This looks like it’s it! Everyone from El Paso, is this recipe the one?

  2. So glad to find the recipe. I’m from El Paso lived in San Eli. My mom use to help at the bazaars in the Gordita stand. I’ll be using your recipe.😋

  3. I’m from El Paso, born and raised there,, I now live in Nebraska . I’m so happy I found this recipe this is the very recipe I’ve been looking for. I cant wait to make them for myself and family. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Leah! Wow El Paso to Nebraska – that must be such a big change in scenery. Thank you for commenting and I hope you enjoy this recipe. Let me know how it turns out!

  4. That bring me so much memories I grew up in el Paso Texas and my mother and my aunt use to made this delicious gorditas……I see many different ways to made this Gordian some recipes use baking powder you thinks is okay to use it ?

    • Hi Armida, I’m glad you stopped by to leave a comment! Baking powder isn’t necessary to make corn gorditas. I’ve never used it but if you do, let me know how they turn out 🙂

  5. We are making these tonight. My husband born in the Lower Valley, San Elizaro. My sister-in-law makes them just this, so Delicious, thank you

  6. I too was born and raised in El Paso although I now live elswhere. This brings back so many delicious memories. Authentic! Thanks

    • Mary, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I’m sure you carry El Paso in your heart wherever you go. It’s a special place. Take care!

  7. I’m so glad I found this! I was searching for a gordita recipe with ground beef and potato but most of them had different filling. I was born in El Paso and raised in Canutillo and Anthony! 🙂

    • Elisa, I’m glad you found my recipe! I always get really happy when a fellow El Pasoan comes across my blog. I hope you like this recipe! 🙂

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