Green Chile Dip – Rajas Con Crema

Rajas con crema is one of my favorite dishes to prepare when I’m entertaining a large crowd. It is a versatile topping that can be eaten in burritos, sandwiches, burgers, or served with tostada chips. Adding corn is optional but i recommend you do; the sweet corn kernels compliment the smokey and spicy flavors of the charred green peppers.


10 Hatch, green chile peppers

1/2 cup sweet corn kernels

1 – 1 1/2 cups sour cream or Mexican sour cream which is similar in taste but has a saltier flavor. The link takes you one of the many brands of this product.

Salt to taste

– Place peppers on hot griddle or outside grill and flip every ten minutes or until both sides are charred. Remove from heat and place peppers inside plastic bag and cover. This will facilitate  the peeling process. After about 10 minutes, peel peppers and slice into strips. I do not recommend you rinse the peppers as this would take some of the charred flavor.

-Place pepper strips in a nonstick pan. Add corn and heat through. Add sour cream and salt to taste. Stir for about 5 minutes then remove from heat and serve immediately.

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