Cucumber Lemonade – Limonada con Pepino

If you are a fan of lemonade, perhaps you’d like to try this version. It is fresh tasting and delicious. Use your favorite sweetener and serve over ice.

Cucumber Lemonade


1 large cucumber, ends removed

1/4 cup water (to facilitate the blending process)

1 cup, fresh squeezed lime juice

1 1/2 cups sugar or sweeten to taste according to your preference.

8 cups cold water


– Blend the cucumber and 1/4 cups water. This should make about  1 1/2 cups of cucumber puree

– Pour cucumber puree into a large pitcher.

– Add fresh squeezed lime juice, 8 cups of water, and sugar.

– Adjust flavors and serve over ice.

Salud – Cheers!


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