Green Chicken Pozole

green pozole


If you’re a fan of green chicken enchiladas, then this recipe is for you! Green Chicken Pozole is also very popular around the holiday season and it’s perfect for those guests or family members who do not eat pork or beef, most common in red pozole and menudo. But you may want to double the recipe; everyone is going to want some!

Serves 4

4 cups white hominy

2 large chicken breasts

8 cups water

1 white onion sliced in half

4 garlic cloves

5 tomatillos

4 roasted and peeled chile poblanos

4-6 jalapeños (adjust according to taste)

3 tbsp, fresh oregano leaves

handful fresh cilantro

1 handful fresh spinach (this helps give the dish color)

1 handful roasted pumpkin seeds

2 cubes chicken bouillon (adjust later according to taste)

1/2 tbsp. ground cumin


cooking oil

Serve with:

Avocado slices, limes, shredded lettuce or cabbage, radishes, and tostadas. A green salsa can be made on the side for those who like it spicier.

– In a large pot, add 8 cups of water, chicken breasts,1 cube of chicken bouillon, 1/2 onion, and 2 garlic cloves. Cover and cook until chicken is tender. Once chicken has cooked, remove breasts and place on a separate plate. Allow to cool. Shred the chicken and set aside.

– In a blender, add tomatillos, poblanos, jalapeños, spinach, cilantro, 2 garlic cloves, 1/2 onion, roasted pumpkin seeds, and oregano. Add approx. 1/2 cup of the water used to cook the chicken and blend until smooth.

– Meanwhile, place the hominy in the same broth where the chicken was cooked and cover. Cook under medium heat until you are ready to add the sauce.

– In a large pan, heat 2 tbsp. of cooking oil. Once oil is very hot, carefully pour the green sauce. Add 1 cube of chicken bouillon. Cook over medium high heat until thick and bubbly. You will know if the sauce is ready when it changes from bright green to army green.

– Once sauce is done, pour it into the pot with the hominy and chicken broth. Add the shredded chicken. Add ground cumin, and stir. Allow it to simmer for 15 minutes before tasting it. If it needs salt, add more chicken bouillon. If you want a “soupier” broth, add another cup of water. Cover and cook for 40 minutes or until hominy is soft.


6 Comments on “Green Chicken Pozole

    • I hope you do. And maybe you can come back and tell me if you made any changes or added your own twist to the recipe. It would be interesting! Thanks for commenting.

  1. Done & Done! This soup is amazing, and thank you for the recipe. What a great twist on pozole! I doubled the recipe with no problem, and everyone left the party satisfied. Plus I made the spicy salsa on the side. It disappoints me I have to hold back on the heat for the weak folk:) Keep up the great work Mexicrave! I might just post about this, on The|Coinologist.

    • Thanks Robert! I’m glad you enjoyed this recipes. And I always have to turn down the heat around here so I understand how you feel 🙂
      Thanks again.

  2. I am making this right now, it looks amazing! I’ve had a taste for pozole, and have been gathering the ingredients the past few weeks. Then I saw this post, I ran down to the Mexican Market and grabbed everything else I need. This is going to make a wonderful Saturday night dinner! Along side a few cold beers, of course!

    • Awesome Robert! Let me know how your Saturday dinner turned out! I Hope you like it and found all the ingredients you needed. Oh and cheers!

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