Peruvian Fish Ceviche



There are a few differences between Mexican and Peruvian Ceviche. Peruvian ceviche is made with aji limo, a hot chile pepper popular in Peruvian cuisine. The dish is also prepared by adding a dash of evaporated milk and served on a bed of lettuce with a side of poached sweet potato slices and corn on the cob.

To view the recipe for Mexican Ceviche Tostadas Mexican Ceviche Tostadas

If you have a difficult time locating aji limo chile peppers, you can use Habanero peppers instead.

Serves 4

1 lb. Cod fish fillet (or any other white fish)

juice of 15 limes or enough to cover fish while it marinades

1/2 purple onion finely sliced

small handful cilantro finely chopped

1/4 cup finely minced celery

1 large garlic clove

1/2 inch piece of fresh peeled ginger

1-2 aji limo (or Habanero peppers) adjust amount according to taste

1/2 cup evaporated milk

salt and pepper according to taste

4 large pieces of lettuce for serving

4 small pieces of corn on the cob

2 sweet potatoes, peeled, poached, and sliced into thick pieces

Cover sliced onions with water and set aside.

Cut the Cod fillets into 1 inch cubes and place in a large bowl. Cover fish with lime juice and marinade in the refrigerator for 20-40 minutes according to how well done you prefer your fish. I marinade it for 20-25 minutes.

Once fish has “cooked” remove from refrigerator. Drain the lime juice marinade into a blender. Add garlic, ginger, and half of a hot pepper. Blend until smooth.

Transfer this mixture into the bowl with the Cod. Add drained onions, cilantro, celery and the remainder of the hot pepper, minced (the minced pepper is optional).

Add evaporated milk.

Season with salt and pepper according to taste

Mix and serve immediately over lettuce and company ceviche with corn on the cob and sweet potato slices.


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