Adriana Torres


I was raised in beautiful El Paso, Texas known for its Franklin Mountains and Mexican influenced culture. I was born just south of the border in Juarez, Chih., Mexico where I spent my childhood in my grandmother’s kitchen taking in the hypnotizing smell of homemade, flour tortillas. I am blessed to live in a city where some of the best Mexican restaurants abound not to mention grocery stores stocked with the necessary ingredients used in Mexican cuisine.

Cooking is more than a chore; it’s my therapy. The kitchen is my favorite room in the house and where I spend countless hours each week experimenting with food. I love it all! Brazilian, Indian, Italian, you name it. Although this blog focuses on Latin American cuisine, if you’re a guest in my home, rest assured you’ll be eating food from all around the world. But I wasn’t always a good cook. My cooking transformation from mundane to palatable came a few years ago when I moved out of my parent’s home and found myself hungry and at the mercy of my own skills. I rarely ate Ramen, but I made A LOT of fideo, and fideo can very well be described as Ramen’s Mexican half-cousin. But the more enthusiastic I became about cooking and food altogether, the better I became and it almost became second nature. I rarely eat sweets but I love everything spicy.

I find writing and cooking therapeutic and set out to create a blog where I can express my love for both. I hope you find time to try some of these recipes and feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with requests.



4 Comments on “Adriana Torres

  1. Congratulations on becoming a part of the Taste of Home magazine! That’s how I learned about your website. It was nice to see a fellow El Pasoan on the list of field contributors. Good Luck!

    • Rowena,
      It’s very kind of you to stop by.Thank you so much!!! It’s pretty neat and I was very surprised. I love Taste of Home! Hope you stop by again in the future.

      Have a fabulous day.


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