Coco Cafe

Coco Cafe

I can’t even remember how I learned about Coco Cafe; perhaps an advertising    on the sidebar somewhere but after reading the great reviews on the product I bookmarked the website. I never got around to order the product which is available for purchase via I couldn’t bring myself to spend $27.99 on a 12 pack of 11.1 oz. bottles – says the woman who spends $4.00 at Starbucks 3-5 times per week. Deep breath. Exhale….

Anyways, fast-forward three months later, I drive almost thirty miles to one of the only organic farmers market type grocery store (shout out to Sprouts for being the first and only large grocery store of its sort in El Paso) and find Coco Cafe for sale there! Now ask me if I cared about the price then. No. I gasped for air and pulled my husband by the sleeve through shopping cart packed aisles to show him my discovery. He didn’t get a chance to comment before I was tossing every last bottle on display into our basket – seven to be exact.

So I came home, chilled it in the refrigerator, and tried it. Sigh. It’s good. I mean, if I had an entire box of this drink I would certainly, definitely, most likely, drink them all. In a week’s time even. But it’s not as amazing as the reviews made it out to be and in my opinion – not worth the price. It’s a simple drink and although pleasant on the taste buds, it didn’t bewilder me. You can taste soft tones of coconut and light coffee flavor. If you’re like me and don’t like overly sweet drinks, then this might be the drink for you if you can overlook the price when buying by the case. Keep your eye out for this product; if you see it on display sold individually, I recommend you buy a bottle and give it a try. I was only able to find the original blend but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for other variations such as mocha and vanilla. Visit their site to find out what’s in it! 

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